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Front Gate Security

Cameras and Transition to the Fob System

We have installed front gate security cameras and are actively providing access fobs to owners to replace the previously used gate codes.  In addition to the fobs, owners may purchase transmitters to use with the new gate access system (the old transmitters will not work for the front gate, although they will still work for garages).

Our intent is to make this transition smooth for everyone.  We have begun our implementation in a way that we think should prevent anyone from being locked out”, but we have also prepared to handle what we hope will be only a few problems any residents may have.  

The transition process to the fobs will proceed this way:

  • The codes currently in use will remain in our system until residents pick up their fobs from the Office. All fobs are available in the office and there are two for each unit.  Those codes will remain active while residents “test out” the fobs, but the codes will be deleted on the Monday following the day you pick up your fob.  There after, your access will only be via a fob, a transmitter or through the phone directory (see below).

  • We have had some owners request to have their “home watch person”, "tenant” or other person to pick up their fobs.  The reason for this new system is to increase the security around the property.  Click here for a form that must be completed by the owner prior to us providing a fob to a person other than the owner.  We will only provide ONE fob to this person.  The owner MUST pick up the other fob. 

  • Residents who have used one of a handful of generic codes given by the previous management have been assigned temporary codes until they can pick up their fobs. These temporary codes will be deleted once the fobs are picked up as described above.

USING THE DIRECTORY.  Please Click the Image (above right) for additional pictures of the general steps described below. The gate directory is up and running as of 1 June 2019. It is used as follows:

  • When you or your guest are at the gate open the Directory.
  • Using the up or down arrow keys, scroll to your last name.  Note that you can make this faster by using the arrow keys to scroll to the first letter of the last name before looking for the name. 
  • Push the green arrow.
  • When your phone rings (it will display the number 941-697-0693), answer your phone. 
  • Ask who it is.  If it is someone you are expecting, press 9.
  • The gate will open.

If you have any questions please contact Cassandra Wickson at 941-697-6595.



Personnel Changes at Cape Haze


Cassandra Wickson has joined us as the day to day CAM and property manager in the office.  Cassandra has experience as a portfolio CAM.

Scott Diamond will check in with our onsite staff as needed as the "Regional CAM. 

Stan Cardish has joined as a maintenance person dedicated to just Cape Haze on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 8 hour shifts.  Stan will oversee the contract vendors, work on projects and do the general curb appeal checks.

Full Circle Cleaning has joined us as the janitorial aspect for the association buildings. Allison Kratz will continue to clean the clubhouse, fitness center and office areas. 

Trish Carver has left Cape Haze for other pursuits.

Condominium Documents Recorded


The governing documents of the Condominium Associations, modified in 2017 and approved by Owners by April of 2018, have now been, or are being recorded and govern the Condominium Associations.

The changes to these documents that most impact owners involve unit rentals.  If owners have questions about rentals under these amended documents, please direct them to your Condominium Boards.

Click HERE to view and/or download copies of the Amended Documents.

Cape Haze Web Site Recognized


The Cape Haze Resort web site was cited by GoDaddy as superior to 90% of ALL homeowners/condominium association web sites that it manages.

Thanks to all who continue to keep it up to date.

Video Conferencing Replaces Call-In


Zoom video conferencing is being used by all Cape Haze Resort boards to connect board members and allow remote owner participation in meetings. Owners can join the meetings either through their computers or by telephone as before.

   Those calling in by telephone will not have the ability to speak.  Those connecting by a computer can use the "chat" function to indicate that they have a question and will be able to present that question to the Board.

Communications Survey


The Communications Committee surveyed owners regarding TV and internet services.  Based on responses from about 1/3rd of our owners, the Communications Committee is preparing recommendations for consideration by the Board at its meeting on 22 October 2019. 

If you have not yet participated in the survey and would like your information included prior to final recommendations to the Board, please go to the survey by clicking below.  You may email your responses to any member of the Communications Committee.

Please click HERE for the Communications survey.

The Resort Welcomes Cassandra Wickson


Cape Haze Resort is pleased to welcome Cassandra Wickson, a Certified Association Manager (CAM), who will be working Monday through Friday in the office. 

Hours: The office is operating from 9 AM to 2 PM Monday through Friday.  

Cape Haze Resort Calendar of Events

Click HERE for Monthly Calendars.

No upcoming events.

Parking at Cape Haze

All guests and contractors must park in OPEN parking spaces.  Open spaces are those not under blue canopies.  There is no parking in the cul-de-sacs.  Those using handicapped parking spaces should be familiar with Florida Statute 316.1955 (click the button below to review a copy). Misuse of handicapped parking spaces will be enforced by the Charlotte County Sheriff.  Further parking information may be found in the Rules and Regulations.

Grounds Improvements


Our Artistree Crew

The Grounds Committee's primary goal for 2019 was to enhance prominent focal areas on Cape Haze Resort's property.

      In January with  the approval of the board, we removed worn-out plastic planters around the pool area and replaced them with bright aqua and blue ceramic pots filling with colorful plants. A diseased Foxtail palm tree was removed and replaced with a Terracotta urn  filled with cascading flowers.  The entrance to the pool area planters now have brilliant yellow Hibiscus plants.  Spent palms plants outside the clubhouse were replaced with hardy philodendron called "Hope".  Whenever possible existing plants were saved and relocated.

     February's project was to enhance the two entrance monument walls, a combination of red Hibiscus and dwarf red Ixoras were planted, these should flourish in the full sun and be a cheerful welcome to all entering Cape Haze Resort.

     Presently the committee has recommended enhancement of the 17 driveway islands facing each of the six condo buildings.  Also recommended is adding a Weeping Bottlebrush tree along with Hibiscus shrubs to the central island by the clubhouse.

     Future plans include mulching, refurbishing footpaths, adding shrubs and replacing removed trees on our beautiful C.H.R. grounds.

Improvements and Maintenance

Roof Cleaning - Before


Roofs were not looking pretty (at least from a drone view).  Time for a cleaning!

Thanks to Jim Powell for drone and landscaping photos on this page.

Roof Cleaning - After


Much better after cleaning and less debris to fall on those below.

Landscaping - Entrance


The Grounds Committee has made numerous enhancements to the Resort during the last 4 months.  These showcase our entrance.

Landscaping - Clubhouse


New Clubhouse plants.

Thanks to Grounds Committee members Kate Giordano, 

     Lucy Mottola, Wally Phair, Alice Fay,

     Debbie Vicario, Sally Travers and

     Yvonne Young

Summer In Bloom #1


Royal Poinciana together with one of our Blue Herons in the culvert near the entrance.

Sumer In Bloom #2


Crape Myrtle in the foreground with the Royal Poinciana (red) in the background.

More Improvements and maintenance

Air Conditioning Chase Covers (Front)


The new canvas coverings of the tubing, wires and other connections to the air conditioning platforms is finished for Building 13.  Working is continuing on the other buildings.

Air Conditioning Chase Covers (Side View)

The new canvas coverings of the tubing, wires and other connections to the air conditioning platform

The new canvas coverings for the air conditioning chases from the side.

Timber Sealing and Cleaning


"Cleaning" Rick has pressure washed and is just finishing the sealing of the timbers at the volleyball court.  Scott is having him undertake one smaller project every week.

Clubhouse Water Intrusion


There is a problem with water intrusion in the clubhouse that requires repair.  This has been going on for some time and has resulted in mold and rotting by the windows.  Repairs are currently underway as of early June 2019.

General Information

Cape Haze Directory


CAPE HAZE DIRECTORY - Work in Progress

Your communications committee is preparing a directory of owners and renters.  It is intended for use by the community and will not be published in any form that is publicly available.

Owners and renters are encouraged to download and complete the contact and permission form and drop it off at the office.

Revised Rental Rules & Regulations


Comments from owners,  taken into consideration by the Community Association Board,  are included in a revision of Section VI of the Rules and Regulations..

The revised Section VI will be considered by the Board at its meeting on October 22, 2019.  A description of the revisions and the revisions themselves may be viewed by clicking on "Revised Rental Rules and Regulations" below.



The  Articles, Declarations and Bylaws adopted by the three Condominium Associations in early 2018 have been recorded with Charlotte County.  Click HERE to view them.

Community Association governing documents may be viewed by clicking below.  This year, Rules and Regulations are now considered part of our Governing Documents and must be recorded.



Inquiries about renting units at Cape Haze are being received through the "Contact Us" section of the web site.  These inquiries are being passed along to our resort management team.



Turn Out the Lights

If you are the last person to leave a common area, please remember to turn off lights, TVs and any other electrically operated "thing" to save your Association electrical costs.

Work Order Forms


Anyone wishing to report an issue that needs attention to our Management Team should use the Work Order forms provided in the office and downloadable on the web site.

About Us



The Resort opened in 2007 and consists of 144 one, 2 and 3 bedroom units with associated clubhouse, pool, tennis and pickle ball courts. In 2018 the unit owners bought the developer's remaining undeveloped land and development interests.



Unit owners elect board members to each of three independent condominium association boards.  The condominium associations themselves are the members of the Community Association and elect its board.



Casey Condominium Management is a family owned business which has been managing properties for 16 years.  A medium sized company, it provides a wide array of services in  personalized manner.

Our Staff

Bridget Spence


Senior Manager

Cassandra Wickson

Cassandra Wickson

Property Manager

Stan Cardish


Maintenance Supervisor

Scott Diamond


Property Manager

Boards, Owners and Renters/Guests

Governing Boards


The button below leads to board minutes, governing documents and other documents important to the organization and management of the Cape Haze Resort.  



Click the button below to review reference materials, forms, rules and regulations and other materials useful to owners.  Also here are Unit Owner Forum items for which unit owner comments are asked.

Renters and Guests


Click on the button below for information about the Resort, current rules and regulations and other information useful to renters and guests.

Community Association Committees




To advise and assist the Board of Directors in creating activities that foster a sense of community while also welcoming new residents to Cape Haze Resort.  To identify, promote and coordinate recreational group activities at CHR, and to provide all residents with a contact to inquire about participating in the various activities. The goal is to increase participation of CHR residents in activities 




To advise and assist the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to maintenance, repairing, replacements and improvements to the clubhouse, fitness area, parking areas, sports courts and the swimming pool area 




To advise and assist the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to the landscape maintenance and enhancement of all common area property in the Community 




To advise and assist the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to the seasonal decoration of the entrance, buildings and common areas of the community 




To advise and assist the Board of Directors in the distribution of information from Cape Haze Resort Board of Directors and to promote communication within the community 

Safety and Security



To advise and assist the Board of Directors on issues, concerns and recommendations pertaining to matters related to the safety and security of Cape Haze Resort and its residents 

Finance and Strategic Planning Committees




To advise and assist the Treasurer and Management in the general supervision of the finances for the Community 

Strategic Planning



To be concerned with the ongoing future needs of Cape Haze Resort.  Regulatory matters, current policies, plans and financial needs of the  organization shall be considered by this Committee in developing its  opinion as council to the Board of Directors

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