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Happy New Year 2019!

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Welcome Trish Carver


Trish Carver began her employment here at Cape Haze on Monday, January 14th;  she is also new to Casey Management. 

 She will be onsite in the office from 9am-2pm, Monday through Thursday.

Trish is a 30 year resident of Englewood, married with two grown sons that live in the area.

She has a real estate background and excellent customer service skills.

Trish will also be answering the office phone.  She can be reached at 697-6595.

The Pool

Drone photo by Jim Powell

The Pool is an important part of the Cape Haze Community.  It is a place to relax, play and enjoy each others' company.  Recently the pool has been invaded by algae appearing in tiny cracks in the pool lining.  That lining has never been refinished, a maintenance item usually done every 7-10 years (our pool is 12 years old).  This summer, it will be necessary to drain the pool and refinish the lining.  In the meantime, periodic treatment of the pool for algae will require its closing for short periods.

Owners Forum: The Future of Our Newly Purchased Land 25 January 2019



ALL CONDOMINIUM OWNERS ARE invited to an “Owner’s Forum & Discussion” pertaining to the future use of the newly acquired land at the northerly end of our Cape Haze property. The Community Association’s Strategic Planning Committee is seeking your ideas, thoughts, and comments as to how that land may be best utilized prior to recommending a plan for development. 

WHERE: Cape Haze Community Center

WHEN: Friday, January 25th 2019

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

If you cannot attend on this date/time, we intend to have two follow-up meetings, one in late February and one in late March.


Cape Haze Resort Calendar of Events

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No upcoming events.

Parking at Cape Haze

All guests and contractors must park in OPEN parking spaces.  Open spaces are those not under blue canopies.  There is no parking in the cul-de-sacs.  Those using handicapped parking spaces should be familiar with Florida Statute 316.1955 (click the button below to review a copy). Misuse of handicapped parking spaces will be enforced by the Charlotte County Sheriff.  Further parking information may be found in the Rules and Regulations.

Documents, Rules and Statutes

General Information

The Web Site


For those who have signed up to receive email communications, a test email was sent on 22 January 2019 to test the addresses.  

The following email addresses gave "hard bounces" (i.e. they didn't work):

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If your address is among these, please reregister on the "sign up" section of the web site.

PLEASE NOTE: some browsers (e.g. Firefox) for as yet unknown reasons fail to send the confirmatory email.  If you don't receive the email, try another browser.



The Community Association Board meets monthly (see Calendar of Events).  Condominium Association Boards meet quarterly in February, April, July and October following the Community Association Board meeting.  Annual budget meetings of all Associations will be held on December 10, 2019.  

The ANNUAL MEETINGS for 2019 will be on November 16th; these will be short because we are transitioning to Annual Meetings in January of each year to maximize the number who can participate in person.  The 2020 Annual Meetings will be held on January 25, 2020.



The Community Association and all three Condominium Associations have adopted new Articles, Declarations and Bylaws

Revised Rules & Regulations have also been adopted applying to all owners, renters and guests.  Click on the button below to review them.



Inquiries about renting units at Cape Haze are being received through the "Contact Us" section of the web site.  These inquiries are being passed along to our resort management team.



Turn Out the Lights

If you are the last person to leave a common area, please remember to turn off lights, TVs and any other electrically operated "thing" to save your Association electrical costs.

Work Order Forms


Anyone wishing to report an issue that needs attention to our Management Team should use the Work Order forms provided in the office and downloadable on the web site.

About Us



The Resort opened in 2007 and consists of 144 one, 2 and 3 bedroom units with associated clubhouse, pool, tennis and pickle ball courts. In 2018 the unit owners bought the developer's remaining undeveloped land and development interests.



Unit owners elect board members to each of three independent condominium association boards.  The condominium associations themselves are the members of the Community Association and elect its board.



Casey Condominium Management is a family owned business which has been managing properties for 16 years.  A medium sized company, it provides a wide array of services in  personalized manner.

Our Staff

Bridget Spence


Senior Manager

Rob Edgington


Property Manager

Scott Diamond


Property Manager

Trish Carver


Property Manager

Boards, Owners and Renters/Guests

Governing Boards


The button below leads to board minutes, governing documents and other documents important to the organization and management of the Cape Haze Resort.  




Click the button below to review reference materials, forms, rules and regulations and other materials useful to owners.  Also here are Unit Owner Forum items for which unit owner comments are asked.


Renters and Guests


Click on the button below for information about the Resort, current rules and regulations and other information useful to renters and guests.

Renters and Guests

Community Association Committees




To advise and assist the Board of Directors in creating activities that foster a sense of community while also welcoming new residents to Cape Haze Resort.  To identify, promote and coordinate recreational group activities at CHR, and to provide all residents with a contact to inquire about participating in the various activities. The goal is to increase participation of CHR residents in activities 

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To advise and assist the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to maintenance, repairing, replacements and improvements to the clubhouse, fitness area, parking areas, sports courts and the swimming pool area 

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To advise and assist the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to the landscape maintenance and enhancement of all common area property in the Community 

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To advise and assist the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to the seasonal decoration of the entrance, buildings and common areas of the community 

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To advise and assist the Board of Directors in the distribution of information from Cape Haze Resort Board of Directors and to promote communication within the community 

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Safety and Security



To advise and assist the Board of Directors on issues, concerns and recommendations pertaining to matters related to the safety and security of Cape Haze Resort and its residents 

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Finance and Strategic Planning Committees




To advise and assist the Treasurer and Management in the general supervision of the finances for the Community 

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Strategic Planning



To be concerned with the ongoing future needs of Cape Haze Resort.  Regulatory matters, current policies, plans and financial needs of the  organization shall be considered by this Committee in developing its  opinion as council to the Board of Directors

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Casey Management and your Condominium Board members are available to assist you.  Please contact us by mail, email or phone.

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