Last Updated: 22 November 2019

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Parking at the Cape Haze Resort is governed by the provisions in the Rules and Regulations.  The currently applicable Rules and Regulations may be accessed by clicking HERE.  While the Rules and Regulations are strictly enforced, they are dynamic and may be modified at the request of owners.  Anyone with a suggestion for modification is asked to contact our management team.


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Owner Directory

We had hoped the Owner Directory Will Be Active By The First of August 2019, but it is not ready yet.  Your patience is appreciated.

When the Owner Directory is "live" it will be on a restricted page in the web site.  All Unit Owners are identified in the web site by an email address.  If an owner accesses the Directory, the owner will be asked to enter an email address for verification.  The Site will check the entered address against the owner email list and, if the addresses match, send an email with a "Sign in" link to access the page; clicking on the link will grant access to the page.

The OWNER DIRECTORY link below is not active yet.

Other Documents

This includes forms and certificates

Governing Documents

Capital Reserves, Financial Plan and Related Documents

Current Rules and Regulations

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