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Current Rules & Regs say owners must park in their assigned (garage or canopy) parking spaces.  But what about persons with a handicap?  Should they be allowed to "permanently" occupy handicapped parking spaces in place of or in addition to their assigned spaces?  The Community Association Board is committed to protecting the rights of our disabled residents, guests and visitors, and to ensure that their safe and convenient access to our buildings is unfettered.  We are asking for comments from the community.  Please send an email to Rob Edgington (redgington@caseymanament.com) or Scott Diamond (sdiamond@caseymanagement.com) with your thoughts.  We will post community responses on this page.

Handicapped Parking Comments

Comment 1: We are fortunate to have these spaces close to our elevators. No, these are not meant to be a permanent space for owners or guests. After unloading, the car should be moved to a regular spot, usually by the spouse etc. It is selfish to use these spaces on a regular basis. It has been a sore spot with many, since we have lived here, to see healthy people using these parking spaces. Time limit signs should be placed in the area with the threat of towing, To see owners/guests, fighting for these spaces. is just unbelievable, especially in season.

Comment 2: Seems this subject was brought up by someone who isn’t affected by a disability. The handicap spaces are there for a reason: for use for a person with a disability. My wife is wheelchair bound and the use of the space allows closer access to the elevators. I believe the problem is not the abuse by disabled persons but those who take advantage of the spaces for convenience. Those persons are the ones that should be disciplined.

Comment 3: There should be more marked spaces for persons with limited mobility.

Comment 4: The handicap parking area allows disabled residents easy access to the elevator of course but it also allows for additional room for them to enter and exit their vehicles.  [Without those spaces], it would be a burden to use the deeded parking spot for that unit.

The deeded parking space is approximately 100' from the elevator door and the handicap space is approximately 40' from the door.  For a handicapped person this is a considerable difference in distance not even considering the extra space needed to enter and exit a vehicle.  

Handicap spaces cannot be exclusively assigned and that is not what is at issue.  They are first come first served. 

Lastly I would like to remind you that it is my understanding that Condominium Associations are not subject to ADA but a residential building like Cape Haze is subject to (FHA) Fair Housing Act which prohibits discrimination in the providing and use of housing based, in part, on an occupant's disability.

Adopting a rule limiting access to available handicap parking to residents looks like a losing battle for the HOA and I would hope that they do not embark down this path.  Also, please accept this email as a request to the HOA to provide reasonable accommodation to anyone with a disability.

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