Last Updated: 22 November 2019

Safety and Security Committee



Purpose: To advise and assist the Board of Directors on issues, concerns and recommendations pertaining to matters related to the safety and security of Cape Haze Resort and its residents. 

Organization: The Committee will be comprised of three-seven residents representing a variety of activities and interests. The Community Board will elect the chair and will be responsible to fill vacant positions.

Responsibilities: To collect relevant information of resident concerns in regard to general safety and security issues in all residential buildings and common areas of Cape Haze Resort. Interact and communicate with residents, staff and Charlotte County personnel to promote well-being. To have authority in the absence of management or a member of the Board of Directors to act in an emergency capacity in the event of any situation that may cause harm to the community.

Term: Each committee member shall be an owner or resident of Cape Haze Resort. Members will serve two year terms with a maximum of four consecutive years.

Meetings: The Chairperson will be responsible for deciding how many meetings are required throughout the year to successfully plan and oversee its activities. Provide a report to the owners for the Annual Meeting.

Quorum: A majority of members shall constitute a quorum and a majority of members present shall constitute the decisions of the committee.

Relationship to BOD: A Standing Committee approved by the BOD. Minutes will be taken and sent to the BOD. If any budget is supplied, the committee will adhere to amount designated. 



Board Liaison: Jim Powell

Coordinator: Mark Ikemire


      Debbie Vicario

      Jim Burnett


Safety Announcement

Safety Courses


A sign up sheet is available in the office for programs to be scheduled for the Fire Department to present programs on cardiac life support and handling fire extinguishers.  Please sign up soon if you are interested.



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