Communications Committee



Purpose: To advise and assist the Board of Directors in the distribution of information from Cape Haze Resort Board of Directors and to promote communication within the community.

Organization: The Committee will be comprised of three-seven residents representing a variety of talent and attention to detail. The Community Board will elect the chair and will be responsible to fill vacant positions.

Responsibilities: To collect relevant information for the website and update as needed. To encourage communication of activities, promote events, meetings and new developments within the community. Help gather information and announcements for the monthly newsletter. Coordinate and enhance email communications to owners and residents. Email blasts of pertinent information to be provided as needed.

Term: Each committee member shall be an owner or resident of Cape Haze Resort. Members will serve two year terms with a maximum of four consecutive years.

Meetings: The Chairperson will be responsible for deciding how many meetings are required throughout the year to successfully plan and oversee its activities. Provide a report to the owners for the Annual Meeting.

Quorum: A majority of members shall constitute a quorum and a majority of members present shall constitute the decisions of the committee.

Relationship to BOD: A Standing Committee approved by the BOD. Minutes will be taken and sent to the BOD. If any budget is supplied, the committee will adhere to amount designated. 



Chair: Jan Schweitzer Sanford

Board Liaison: Pete Travers


     Andy Sykes

     Margaret Riley

     Cathy Rohr



Television/Internet Questionnaire (pdf)


DirectoryPermission New Combined (pdf)


Info Packet Table Of Contents (pdf)