Activities Committee



Purpose: To advise and assist the Board of Directors in creating activities that foster a sense of community while also welcoming new residents to Cape Haze Resort.  To identify, promote and coordinate recreational group activities at CHR, and to provide all residents with a contact to inquire about participating in the various activities. The goal is to increase participation of CHR residents in activities. 

Organization: The Committee will be comprised of three-seven residents representing a variety of activities and interests. The Community Board will elect the chair and will be responsible to fill vacant positions.

Responsibilities: To collect relevant information of existing and future activities and groups regarding purpose, number of players/participants, meeting dates and times, and any special needs.  New activities will be encouraged and promoted. The committee will provide to each activity group, the guidelines for participation. 

Term: Each committee member shall be an owner or resident of Cape Haze Resort. Members will serve two year terms with a maximum of four consecutive years.

Meetings: The Chairperson will be responsible for deciding how many meetings are required throughout the year to successfully plan and oversee its activities. Provide a report to the owners for the Annual Meeting.

Quorum: A majority of members shall constitute a quorum and a majority of members present shall constitute the decisions of the committee.

Relationship to BOD: A Standing Committee approved by the BOD. Minutes will be taken and sent to the BOD. If any budget is supplied, the committee will adhere to amount designated. 



Board Liaison: Larry Bowie

Chair: Lucy Mottola


     Mary Lou Kuhn

     Margaret Burnett

     Nora Powell

     Belinda Sanders

     Marcia Ridge

     Debbie Bowie

     Karen Bolles

     Cindy Morren

     Marsha Wilson



Report to the Board - 18 Dec 2018 (pdf)